Montana Veterinary Surgical Service (MVSS):

In addition to providing general surgery through our skilled associate veterinarians, GVH patients have access to the advanced surgical skills of Referral Surgeon Dr. Mark Albrecht at MVSS.

Dr. Albrecht owns both Gallatin Veterinary Hospital, and the referral surgery practice, Montana Veterinary Surgical Service P.C. Dr. Albrecht is a native of North Dakota.  He attended Colorado State University, receiving his DVM in 1992. He then did a rotating small animal internship at the University of Missouri where he received the outstanding intern award, followed by a 3 year small animal surgery residency at the University of Minnesota.  He opened a referral surgery practice in Montana’s Bitterroot valley in 1996.  He left in the late 90’s to help open the surgical portion of a specialty practice in Omaha, NE, leaving there to serve as a staff surgeon at Denver’s Alameda East Clinic.  Alameda East is home to Animal Planet’s ” ER VETS”‘ and Dr. Albrecht appeared in several episodes.  He returned to Montana in 2000 and spent over 5 years as a traveling surgeon servicing western Montana. In late 2005, he purchased Gallatin Veterinary Hospital.

He has been selected by Arthrex as a leader in surgery, and is involved in orthopedic research.  Currently he has been asked to teach other veterinarians the tightrope technique for cranial cruciate stabilization.  These classes are being held at several locations across the country and help veterinarians meet their continuing education requirements.  He was also asked to present at the Veterinary Arthrology and Arthroscopy Association meeting in August 2008.  Dr. Albrecht is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Montana Veterinary Medical Association, the Veterinary Orthopedic Society and the Veterinary Arthrology and Arthroscopy Association.

Dr. Albrecht does arthroscopy and orthopedic surgery on shoulders, elbows, and knees and several orthopedic procedures including the tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO), triple pelvic osteotomy (TPO), sliding humeral osteotomies (SHO) for dogs with severe elbow dysplasia, and the tight rope (TR).  He was one of the first 50 people to learn the TPLO procedure from Dr. Slocum (creator of the procedure) and has done over 1600 TPLO’s.  He is also one of the 6-8 doctors that are instructing other veterinarians around the country how to do the tight rope procedure, and has done over 100 of them himself.

Dr. Albrecht does several soft tissue surgeries including porto-systemic shunts, thoracotomies, abdominal exploratory surgeries, and laryngeal paralysis surgeries.  He also regularly does consults on a referral basis.


I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Albrecht and his staff for the amazing care they provided to my Mom's shih-tzu, Ebby!. You've given her a second chance at life!