Beaux is a sweet and friendly 6 month old Catahoula dog who presented to Gallatin Vet Hospital after his nose and muzzle were accidentally struck by an ax.  Beaux was very brave and was hardly whimpered during the initial exam. He was given pain medications and sedatives to allow the area to be cleaned and assessed.  Lidocaine gel was placed in the wound to provide additional pain relief.  Once relaxed, X-rays of the nose and upper jaw were taken to assess if any of the tooth roots were affected.  Luckily all of the damage appeared to be soft tissue.

Beaux was given an additional local block around the wound which was then closed with multiple layers of suture to provide full support to the tissues while they healed. Beaux was sent home with an Elizabethan collar to prevent him from rubbing at the area until it was fully healed. Pain medications and antibiotics were also sent home to make sure Beaux remained comfortable.

Beaux healed up quickly and was back to normal activity within a few days.  He presented for a re-check appointment 2 weeks after the surgery and he was healing very well and no longer needed the e-collar. He may end up with a small scar but it only adds to his charm!


I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Albrecht and his staff for the amazing care they provided to my Mom's shih-tzu, Ebby!. You've given her a second chance at life!