Cushing’s Disease (hyperadrenocorticism)

Cushing’s disease is a chronic disease that results from an over-production of cortisol in the body leading to a variety of clinical signs. These signs usually slowly progress and can be mistaken for ‘normal aging’. The most common sigs are drinking excessively, urinating excessively, incontinence, ravenous appetite, pot-bellied appearance, hair loss and skin infections, and generalized muscle weakness. This increase in cortisol can also cause more serious conditions such as bladder stones, diabetes, and blood clots.


Canine Hip Dysplasia

Canine hip dysplasia is the most commonly inherited orthopedic disease. Hip dysplasia in our companion dogs is prevalent, especially in the medium to large breeds.  Hip dysplasia means that the hip ball and socket aren’t or haven’t developed properly causing severe hip laxity or subluxation.  This laxity is the abnormal movement of the femoral ball out of the hip socket.



I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Albrecht and his staff for the amazing care they provided to my Mom's shih-tzu, Ebby!. You've given her a second chance at life!