Turi is a double winner! Pets free from Fleas & Ticks with Bravecto plus a Yeti Cooler!

By August 3, 2019 No Comments

Drum Roll Please!
Anticipation built as Veterinarian, Sarah Brown pulled the name out of the jar. The winner of the Yeti Cooler Package is Turi Hetherington! Congratulations Turi, with some summer left we hope you get a chance to get out there and put it to good use.
Gallatin Veterinary Hospital would like to thank the great people at Merck for not only providing the cooler but by helping us protect our pets against fleas and ticks with Bravecto!
Are you are still in need of flea and tick protection? Purchase Bravecto now and be entered into this months drawing for a Patagonia Duffle Bag.

Coronavirus Action Plan

The emergence of COVID 19 has generated a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety. It’s new, it’s unexpected and that makes it hard to know what to do for many. Gallatin Veterinary Hospital feels lucky to know what to do. We have training in infectious disease.

We have many ways to help address risks. Since we believe in individual care, we ask for your help communicating your needs and concerns. Click HERE for a detailed document.