Beaux is a sweet and friendly 6 month old Catahoula dog who presented to Gallatin Vet Hospital after his nose and muzzle were accidentally struck by an ax.  Beaux was very brave and was hardly whimpered during the initial exam. He was given pain medications and sedatives to allow the area to be cleaned and assessed.  Lidocaine gel was placed in the wound to provide additional pain relief.  Once relaxed, X-rays of the nose and upper jaw were taken to assess if any of the tooth roots were affected.  Luckily all of the damage appeared to be soft tissue.  (This picture was taken at Beaux’s 2 week recheck, Looking good!)

***Caution----The following photos may be graphic***

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Check out this great idea!

If you have a kitty who is just not thrilled with wearing an e-collar/cone? How about this idea that our client Laurie sent us after Tigger tangled with something he shouldn't have.

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Gallatin Veterinary Hospital would like you to meet Andre. He is our newest cutie to have been helped by our Loyalty Rewards members. Andre is a four-month-old Yorkshire Terrier who is small in size but large in heart. He was surrendered to the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter after suffering a painful humeral fracture.  

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 Meet this gorgeous athlete, Bridget!


She is a 6-year-old English Labrador Retriever that loves to hunt birds with Dad.
Bridget tore her achilles tendon and had to have surgery with Dr. Mark Albrecht the summer of 2011.

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Meet Henry,a totally cute 19 week old Golden Retriever owned by a local farming family who loves him very much. Henry’s arrival into this family of nine was very much anticipated, however his accident was not. On the day of Henry’s accident it was hot. After a fun time romping in the sun, Henry decided that a nap was in order. So, he found a shady spot to take a rest. Unfortunately it was under the family car. Sure enough the car ran over his right hind leg and broke the capitol physis of his femur.

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GVH News


In case you missed it in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle,  Gallatin Veterinary Hospital became the first clinic in the state to have a NewTom Cone Beam CT Scanner.  


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